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Malaysia Car Manufacturers staying ahead with safety features

Automobiles are a part and parcel of our everyday life. Nowadays you will find a number of companies selling their product which make it very difficult for an average consumer to make the best choice.

Car manufacturers are continuously thriving to provide its customers the latest luxury and comfort at competitive prices. You will find almost every automobile manufacturer is launching their new models every alternate month. All the upcoming car model boasts of some improved features and design because of the modern technological inventions.

Eco-friendly Cars

Hybrid cars  are destined to be vehicle of the future. Almost all the major Automobile manufacturer are working on producing cars which can be run on rechargeable battery.

The major advantage if developing such eco-friendly cars is that they would help to combat pollution. Moreover despite keeping the environment smoke free it will also help the owners to keep a curb ion the ever increasing gasoline bills.

Some of the leading automobile manufacturers have already launched their hybrid cars and it has indeed become very famous among them.

Car Maintenance Tips

It is recommended that you should do proper market study before buying a new car model. Technology is changing fats and so is the performance offered by the vehicle as becomes extremely important to buy a car with latest technology in order to ensure improved performance and comfort factor.

Television is also a good source to gather knowledge about the latest improvement in the automobile industry. A number of news channels host dedicated shows which telecast the features and shortcomings of the latest car models by different manufacturers.

Finally we can conclude that future belongs to the company which produces cars which run on renewable sources of energy.

Car Engine Maintenance Tips

Having an efficient car engine makes all the difference if you want your vehicle to perform at its very best all the time. It is not merely just changing the lubricant at periodic intervals which is good but would not be sufficient. Besides the lubricants, there are other aspects that need to be looked into.


If you look into your engine, there are several rubber drive belts that seem to connect various parts of the engine. Because they are made of rubber, there will be high chances of them suffering wear and tear. If you drive your vehicle a lot, then you can expect these rubber belts to perish over time.

The timing belt and accessory drive belt must be changed at certain intervals. This is to ensure that they perform optimally without risk of them breaking. They should be checked every 50,000 kms and then changed at around 80 to 100k.

Tyre Pressure

This is perhaps something you would have heard of many times. Your tyre pressure ensures the vehicle moves efficiently. You should ideally be checking your tyre pressure once a week. This is because if the tyre pressure is bad, then it means your engine needs to work extra in order to move the vehicle efficiently. As a result, it will affect your fuel economy.

Oils and levels

If you are going to check your lubricant level, then you have to ensure a few things. First, your car should be parked at a level ground. Then, your engine needs to be cooled down. There is no point checking the lubricant level right after driving as it would return an inaccurate result. Your oil level should be at least in the middle of the 2 points (max and min). If it is at the minimum level, then you will have to top it up, ensuring you are using the right type of oil.


This is something which many would often forget or overlook. The coolant plays a crucial role in ensuring that your engine does not overheat. If you plan to check the radiator cap, NEVER open it when the engine is still hot. You can do this only in the mornings before you start the car or when the car is cooled down.

Meanwhile, check the spare bucket to ensure you have enough coolant. The rule of thumb is to have at least half of the bucket filled. If it is not, buy a bottle of coolant, fill the bucket with the liquid and top it up with water.

Automotive Technology

In order to catch up with the latest developments in the field of Automotive Technology you can visit a number of websites on the internet. However you should be careful while reading the reviews.

It is recommended that you should do proper research work in order to ensure that you buy the car for yourself only after reading customer feedback from genuine automobile review websites.

One of the best things to collect information about the pros and cons of a particular car model is to read the popular automotive magazines. Nowadays you will get a number of Auto-world magazines published on the latest car models launched by the different Automobile companies.

You can subscribe to these magazines either on weekly, quarterly or monthly basis to get regular update about the comparable features about different car models.